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The Allfasteners NexGen2 blind bolt assembly is convenience, sophistication, and precision all in one. Designed for monopole tower modifications and upgrades, this bolt is perfect for installation of structural bolts without access to the back side of the connection.

Allfasteners Tower Replacement Parts

As the need to hold more antenna and electronic communications equipment grows, monopole towers become increasingly overloaded and strained. Many of these cell towers require refurbishing to increase their capacity—but how do you modify all these towers quickly and inexpensively? Allfasteners products provide workers with creative ways to upgrade towers without wasting time or money.

Our innovative designs, custom hardware, and dedication to a turn-key approach to tower modification materials is why our products remain so highly trusted. Our job-specific generated drawings, instructions, and part lists let you work confidently in the field. We can even set up field demonstrations! Our dedication to providing ease of product use even extends to shipping; we go beyond to make sure orders arrive safely and on time, and even offer split-order shipping to multiple destinations.

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The Allfasteners team can provide a complete
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